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Most Common Injuries Sustained on Offshore Oil Rigs

p>As we move into the 3rd month of the oil rig disaster people are getting more interested in what is happening on offshore oil rigs. There are many dangers that are associated with these rigs and as the world watches the oil gushing into the ocean they realize that there are also many environmental consequences that will be felt for years from these disasters. The people who work on these rigs are in constant danger and even with safety regulations in place, injuries and in some cases fatal accidents do happen.

The Jones Act covers the workers who have been injured while being transported to jack-up rigs or floating rigs. This act provides special protection to those individuals who work in maritime conditions. There are oil rig attorneys that can help you get the full protection of the law. It can be difficult to prove that there is negligence on an oil rig, with an injury attorney they can help you get full protection.

The most disturbing thing that Congressional Hearings have dredged up was, CEO’s of the Oil Companies have been cutting costs when they should be more concerned with their workers safety. This was the case on the most recent oil rig disaster, evidence shows that the main company involved was cutting costs and the safety measures that were in place were not up to regulation standards. Many of the injuries that can be incurred on an oil rig because of faulty safety measures can be anything from serious burns and head injuries to broken bones and death. The most common dangers on an oil rig could be faulty grating and pipe tongs, faulty cables or blocks, cathead slips and wet or obstructed walkways.

The consequences of these injuries can be long term and very expensive. When an injury is bad enough to stay out of work for a while the loss of wages can be devastating. Physical and rehabilitative therapy for sustained injuries can be very draining both emotionally and physically. The worst result of accidents on oil rigs ends in death and disability.

Relying on the companies involved in these oil rig disasters is beginning to become more ineffectual. They are less likely to pay for the injuries that are incurred on an oil rig and more likely to pay for the aftermath of their mistakes. With an experienced offshore oil rig injury attorney you can ensure that you will get the correct compensation for everything that is involved in injuries that you are suffering.