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Injuries Caused by Pharmacy Errors

As understanding of our bodies has grown, understanding of treatments and medications has as well. Therefore, the utilization of pharmaceuticals has boomed over the last few years. Almost six billion prescription medications will be filled in the United States this year, and even though consumers typically believe they’re able to rely on the pharmacist or pharmacies fill their medications correctly, errors take place frequently. Approximately thirty-five million prescription medications will be filled improperly each year. In 2010, it was approximated that up to six thousand fatalities occurred due to a pharmacist’s mistake in filling a prescription.

Many of the statistics and stories we hear about negligent actions of pharmacies leave us completely blown away. One case in particular was that of a six year-old boy that was given a prescription drug that was four times the actual dosage prescribed by his doctor; he took the medication before going to sleep and was found dead the next morning. A different adolescent boy was given anabolic steroids rather than the blood pressure medicine he was prescribed, this individual went into premature puberty and suffered outbursts of unmanageable anger. A woman ended up having a miscarriage after the woman’s pharmacist gave her radiation treatment medication instead of her prenatal supplements.

There are some things which people are able to do to protect themselves from these life-threatening prescription mistakes. Ensure you know precisely what your prescribed medication is at the time you obtain it from the physician. In your hand-writing, get the exact brand name of your prescription medication, the right dosage, as well as when and how you should use it. Don’t leave your physician’s office before you are sure in which way your medication must be filled. Once you receive your prescription medication at the pharmacy, open it up immediately on the counter and confirm the label using the information you had written earlier. Ensure the medication’s name and dose match your doctor’s instructions exactly. Open the bottle and inspect the medicine itself. Should you have taken this medicine in the past, confirm that it looks the same. If you haven’t taken it before, ask the pharmacist to confirm this is definitely the correct prescription medication.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured because of the mistakes made by a pharmacy giving you the wrong medication contact a professional injury lawyer as soon as possible. You may be entitled to compensation for your damages. Don’t wait, take the time to find an attorney in your area and schedule a free consultation today.