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Posted on by Jeffrey Rudman

Roughly translated in Spanish as “small willow grove,” the city of Sausalito is located in Marin County, north of San Francisco. The city has a population of 7,330 people and is an important transportation city because of its proximity to the Golden Gate Bridge, and the ferry that runs between Marin County and San Francisco. After the Gold Rush, the city became a key community in the fishing industry. Now, Sausalito is a key attraction for tourists visiting the Bay Area. Visitors can enjoy Sausalito’s small shops, nice restaurants and beautiful views, as well as its proximity to a major city.
Ferry.jpg Many visitors may travel to Sausalito via the Golden Gate Bridge, automobiles and bicycles alike. The ferry provides Sausalito residents access to the rest of the Bay Area, but these different forms of transportation may cause tremendous accidents that can cause serious injuries. Ferry accidents may be rare, but if accidents involving large motor vehicles occur, then a lot of people may get hurt at one time. Have you or a loved one been involved in a motor vehicle accident and need help seeking compensation for your injuries? Then you should call the attorneys of The Rudman Law Firm, APCnow at 1-800-252-9776 (1-800-ALAWPRO) for a free and confidential consultation. Go to to read more about different types of personal injury law.

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